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Signs That Your Cat Is Happy

August 29, 2022
Cats are quite complicated little animals. They can be very cuddly and affectionate, but can also act aloof or even anti-social at times. To make things even more complicated, Fluffy sometimes bites us for fun, and definitely has no qualms about deliberately ignoring us. How do you tell if your kitty is content? A local Lowell, MI vet lists a few tell-tail signs to look for in this article.


Kitties are quite playful. It’s always cute seeing Fluffy batting at a new toy, or chasing that elusive red dot. If your furry little buddy is often frisky and zoomy, it means she’s in high spirits. That’s a paws-up for you! There is a rather adorable downside here, though: you may have to deal with your cute pet pouncing on your toes or ambushing you from behind a plant.


Kitties may be confusing at times, but they are actually quite communicative. You just have to know how to read them! If Fluffy meows, blinks, head-butts you, or perhaps just flicks her tail when you talk to her, it’s a good sign. Cats usually don’t interact with people unless they feel safe. (Your pet may also yell at you if you’re late with second, third, or fourth breakfasts, but that’s another topic.)

Letting Their Guard Down

If there’s one thing that our feline friends are really, really good at, it’s relaxing. How and where Fluffy relaxes can be telling. Kitties are quite wary of predators in the wild, so they often instinctively retreat or take protective stances if they feel even a tiny bit uneasy. If your furry buddy often snoozes on her back or drapes herself over your couch, it means she feels safe. Bed-hogging is also a good mark.


Healthy cats are happy cats! If Fluffy has clear eyes; soft, clean fur; and a good body condition, she’s probably doing pretty well. Of course, your vet is going to be the ultimate authority on this. Keep up with those appointments!


One of the cutest things about kitties is the fact that they vibrate with happiness. If Fluffy often rumbles with contentment when you pet her, hold her, or let her snooze on your lap, your feline overlord is likely pretty content. As your local Lowell, MI animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinay care. Please contact us anytime!