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Fluffy’s Cutest Holiday Traditions

December 1, 2022

Season’s Greetings! This year’s holiday events and festivities have officially begun. Many of us are really looking forward to spending time with our loved ones, and enjoying beloved festivities and traditions. Of course, our feline buddies also have a few favorite seasonal activities of their own. Here, an Ada, MI vet lists some of the most adorable things your cat will do this month.

Tree Shenanigans

It’s probably no surprise to find this at the top of the list. Christmas trees always bring out Fluffy’s inner kitten. There are a few things you can do to ward your furry little marauder off. Decorate the bottom part of the tree sparsely, and with just a few dull, unbreakable objects. You’ll want most of the ornaments, lights, and tinsel on the top part of the tree. We also recommend getting a sturdy base for the tree. 

Playing With New Toys

Fluffy will certainly appreciate finding a catnip mouse or another fun plaything in her stocking. Your furry pal may also appreciate a new bed, scratcher, or kitty tower. Snap some fun pictures of your cat with her gifts! 

Playing With Things That Aren’t Toys

One thing we know about kitties? Many of them are immediately drawn to anything that isn’t safe. Keep ribbons, candles, ornament hooks, tinsel strands, and other potentially dangerous decorations out of paws’ reach. You’ll also want to be careful with seasonal plants, such as ivy and poinsettias, as many of them are toxic to cats. Ask your vet for more information. 

Box Takeovers 

Fluffy’s box obsession is definitely one of her cuter quirks. Offer your kitty some empty boxes after everyone has opened their gifts!

Wrapping Help 

Have you ever tried wrapping gifts with a cat nearby? Fluffy probably wasn’t very helpful, but she is an adorable helper!

Peaceful Snooze 

To be fair, Fluffy is sleepy all year round. However, she often enjoys taking naps under those pretty trees. You can’t blame her for this: our feline pals truly are precious gifts!