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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 15, 2023

January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Have you ever wondered what’s going through your cat’s mind? It’s probably safe to say that Fluffy is wondering about some things. Kitties are known for being super curious, if not downright nosy. In this article, a local Ada, MI vet lists a few things your feline pal may want to know about. 

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Kitties certainly do have a knack for mischief. They’re also very playful. Unfortunately, Fluffy doesn’t know what is and isn’t safe for her to play with. Sooner or later, you’ll probably take an unsafe ‘plaything’ away from your frisky pet.

Why Is My Bowl Empty?

Our furry friends are very, very good at meowpulating their humans. Fluffy also seems to think that being able to see the bottom of her bowl is a dire emergency. Don’t let your kitty cajole you into overfeeding her! 

Where Did My New Toy Go?

It’s important to provide your kitty with toys and entertainment. However, it usually doesn’t take Fluffy very long to push that new catnip mouse under the couch … and then start complaining when she can’t reach it.

What Are You Doing In There?

Our feline overlords form very strong bonds with their humans—or servants, as they like to think. Fluffy may very well follow you around, just so she can ‘supervise’ you.

What Is That Red Dot?

It’s always really cute seeing a kitty chasing after that elusive red dot. This can be a great way to both entertain your pet and keep her active. Just take care not to shine that pointer in her eyes.

What’s All The Commotion? Are We Being Attacked?

If you happen to make a loud noise, such as dropping a pan or cookie sheet, your feline buddy may very well hightail it out of the room. Kitties prefer their domains be kept nice and quiet! However, Fluffy may reappear shortly after to see what’s going on.

What’s In There?

Fluffy is always interested in exploring things. If you put an empty box down before her, or open a room or closet that’s usually closed, there’s a pretty good chance that your furry buddy will immediately want to investigate.

Please reach out to us, your local Ada, MI vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!