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Mini Pig Adoption Tips

May 1, 2023

Have you seen the viral video of the mini pig that was ‘hogging’ his owner’s bed? The clip, called “Road Block” is on TikTok, and is an adorable glimpse into what living with pigs is actually like. It’s not hard to see why so many people are falling for Porky: he’s cute, smart, cuddly, and playful. However, before adopting a mini pig, it’s important to understand what their care needs actually are. It may be more than you think! An Ada, MI vet offers some mini pig adoption tips below.


Porky will need indoor amenities, such as beds and toys, but he’ll also require an outdoor spot, so he can root around and just enjoy doing pig things. You’ll need to do plenty of research, and also plenty of petproofing … or pigproofing.

Get Accurate Information

There are a lot of misconceptions about mini pigs, particularly when it comes to size. As it turns out, these guys are not miniature, nor even particularly small. Most of the pigs sold as mini pigs are Kunekune, Juliana and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. They are typically quite young when sold as pets, but will continue growing for years. Porky may eventually weigh as much as 200 pounds! This of course makes caring for him quite difficult, especially for those in urban settings. Unfortunately, the end result is that many pet pigs get rehomed. This is very sad, as they have by that point been raised as pets, and are often very attached to their humans.

Find A Great Vet

Mini pigs have their own unique needs. Your little buddy will not only need regular exams, he’ll need hoof trims, as otherwise he may develop abscesses, arthritis, or laminitis. Be sure to find a great vet that is familiar with pigs and livestock. This is also a great source of information and advice!


Don’t expect Porky to just sit around looking cute. Pigs are extremely smart and curious, and need enrichment. It’s definitely in your best interest to take time to train your little buddy. Most pigs can—and should—learn the same basic commands as dogs, such as Sit, Stay, and Come. You’ll also need to provide lots of toys and attention. Bored pigs tend to get quite unhappy, and can get a bit rowdy.

Do you have pig care questions? Contact us, your Ada, MI veterinary clinic, today!