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5 Ways To Pupgrade Your Yard

May 15, 2023

Do you have a yard for your canine pal to chase squirrels around in? If so, that’s great! Fido loves being outdoors, and really benefits from having a safe place to run and play outside. Of course, if you want to really get that tail going, you may want to consider a few pupgrades. An Ada, MI vet lists some pawsible options below. 


First and foremost, if your fencing isn’t secure, you’ll want to address that. Make sure your furry buddy can’t go over, under, or through the fence. We also recommend a good, self-latching gate.

Kiddie Pool

Does Fido like to splash and play in water? Kiddie pools can be a great way to let him have some water fun. This is also a good option for small pups, brachys, and any other dog that isn’t really cut out for swimming. You can also add a fountain or sprinkle.

Automated Ball Launcher

It’s always adorable watching dogs happily bounding after a tennis ball. If this is your furry friend’s favorite game ever, consider getting him a ball launcher. Just pick one that’s the right size for your pup. This is particularly important for those with large breeds. Your canine companion could choke on a ball that’s too small for him!


Many of our canine friends like to bury things. If you have a furry, four-legged pirate on your hands, get Fido a sandbox. This may also help keep your pooch from digging holes in your yard: if he knows where the goods are, he may leave everything else alone.


Last but certainly not least, we have Fido’s favorite: the doghouse. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping. Choosing the right size is very important. Your cute pet won’t feel comfortable in something that’s too big or too small! You’ll also want to get something that is well insulated. Pay attention to the material. Plastic isn’t very good at insulation. Wood works well. However, you’ll need to avoid pressure-treated wood, as the chemicals it’s processed with are poisonous to pups. Raise it off the ground a little, so rain and snow don’t get in. You can also make it cute by adding paint, signs, or even a doggy deck!

As your local Ada, MI animal clinic, we are dedicated to providing great care. Please contact us anytime!