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How To Spoil Your Dog Properly

August 15, 2023

Do you have a pampered pooch? We love seeing dogs that are living their best lives. However, really spoiling Fido properly entails much more than simply giving him lots of treats. An Ada, MI vet offers some advice on how to spoil your furry buddy the right way in this article.

Play Dates

Fido’s energy and playfulness have definitely helped him win his spot as Man’s Best Friend. It’s important to give your canine companion time to run, play, and just enjoy being a dog. The activity is great for him physically, but it’s also a fun way to break up his day and get that tail going a bit. If Fido is an only dog, you may also want to schedule puppy playdates or perhaps enroll him in doggy daycare, so he can spend time with his furry pals.

Pupscription Boxes

Subscription boxes may be a small luxury, but it really is fun getting that surprise mail every month. You can actually sign your pooch up for his own version. Find one that is the right size for your pup, and just enjoy seeing him open his box every month.

Great Diet

Fido will happily gobble up, well, about anything, but it’s important to offer him a food that is right for his age, size, breed, health, and lifestyle. Portion control is also crucial. Even just slightly overfeeding your canine buddy could cause him to pack on extra weight! Your vet may also recommend supplements, especially as your furry friend ages. Glucosamine, for instance, can be helpful for pups who have or are at risk of developing arthritis. 

Beauty Treatments

If Fido could argue, he would likely insist that no, spoiling him does not include baths. However, even if your canine buddy isn’t fond of the process, he’ll enjoy feeling soft and clean. This also includes dental care and nail trims. 


Small things can go a long way. Provide Fido with good beds, and, as he ages, things like pet ramps or stairs.

Quality Time

The best way to truly spoil your pup? Spend lots of time with him, and just make sure he feels loved and cared for. Walks, playtime, belly rubs, and ear scritches are all important for getting that tail going! 

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Ada, MI pet hospital, today!