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Things To Teach Your Kitten

October 1, 2023

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Little Fluffy may be small, but she manages to carve out a pretty big space for herself in our hearts. Getting a kitten is lots of fun, but it also takes a lot of work. You’ve got a tiny, furry toddler on your hands. Fluffy won’t need as much training as a dog would, but she still needs guidance learning proper petiquette. An Ada, MI vet lists a few things you’ll want to make your little buddy understand in this article.

Kitties Should Stay Off Counters

Cats love high places, so it’s not surprising that many of them love to jump onto counters. Nip that bad habit in the bud! You don’t want Fluffy to sample or shed fur in your food. This can also be dangerous: our feline friends are very capable of knocking things off counters. Fluffy could also try to walk across the stove, and could burn her paws.

You Live Indoors

Cats are much safer inside, where they are protected from cars, weather, wild and stray animals, and other hazards. Teach little Fluffy that she’s an indoor kitty from Day One. 

The Carrier Is A Safe Place

Most of our feline pals are homebodies that absolutely hate being taken out of their domains. Kitties aren’t big fans of car rides, either. To get Fluffy used to her carrier, put bedding and toys in it, and give her treats and attention near it. Leaving it out between appointments can also help. (If all else fails, tell her to stay out of it: she’ll probably jump right in!)

Don’t Bite Or Scratch

Cats are hunters by nature, and they’re instinctively driven to want to pounce and jump on, well, everything … including you. This is cute in a tiny ball of fur, but can become dangerous in an older cat. Those little claws hurt! Don’t punish little Fluffy for attacking you: that will just confuse and scare her. If your kitten bites or scratches, discourage her by blowing in her face, clapping your hands, or squirting her with water. 

You Are Loved

Our furry buddies can get very, very attached to their owners. However, that special bond needs to be nurtured. Make sure your tiny pal feels loved and safe. To get that little motor going, offer lap space as well as lots of cuddles and attention. 

Do you have questions about kitten care? Contact us, your Ada, MI pet hospital, today!