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Halloween Pet Safety

October 15, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner. This is one of the biggest holidays, and also one of the most dangerous ones for our furry companions. An Ada, MI vet goes over some safety concerns associated with the autumn holiday below.


Dogs are very playful, and they aren’t particularly discerning in their choice of playthings. They’re also prone to investigating things by, well, trying to eat them. This can be quite dangerous! Keep anything that could be unsafe out of paws’ reach. That includes small or sharp objects, such as those cute ghost figurines; ropy or stringy objects, like garlands and wires; plastic wrappers; and any foam and plastic decorations. Be careful with things like candles and fireplaces as well.


Smaller candies are choking hazards for both dogs and cats. The plastic wrappers are also unsafe. Many sweets also contain ingredients that aren’t safe for pets, such as chocolate, nuts, and raisins. Keep all treats (including the kids’ candy scores) in spots Fido can’t reach.


You may see some extra traffic as Halloween approaches. Keep Fido leashed on all walks. If you’re walking your canine pal after dark, use a harness and/or leash that is easy for drivers to spot. It’s also best for you to wear things that are visible.

In addition to increased automotive traffic, you may also notice more pedestrian traffic than usual. Unfortunately, this is a prime time of year for pranksters. Fido may also get upset by people’s costumes. If your neighborhood gets a lot of foot traffic, limit your furry friend’s outdoor time until after Halloween. As for cats, keep Fluffy safe and sound inside.


Trick or treaters can also be a source of stress for some pups. Fido takes his door doggy duties quite seriously, and may get frightened by the costumes and commotion. Consider putting him in his crate or a quiet back room. Offer a fun puzzle toy to keep him occupied.


Are you planning to dress your furry friend for Halloween? Fido makes a pretty adorable dinosaur. He’s also been a spider, taco, butterfly, and banana, among other things. Just put your pup’s safety first. Don’t put your canine buddy in anything that restricts his vision or movement. Items that are flammable are also a hard no, as are things with small parts, like buttons, which he may try to eat.

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