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National Puppy Day 

March 15, 2023

National Puppy Day is coming up on March 23rd! Fido is a wonderful pet and companion through all the stages of his life, but he’s definitely at his cutest during that charming puppyhood phase. That’s definitely something to celebrate! An Ada, MI vet lists some ‘pawesome’ ways to get little Fido’s tail going in this article. 


Puppies are extra adorable when they are hard at play. Pick up a new toy for your furry buddy, and indulge him with some extra playtime. Pay attention to what little Fido likes best. Some pups love Tug O’ War, while others prefer to play Fetch or Tag. 


You can’t blame little Fido for getting excited about treats. We love snacks, too! Treats actually are an important part of puppy care. They’re wonderful for training and bonding, and just brightening up your canine pal’s day. Stick with safe options, and don’t go overboard. (Tip: Treats should only make up about 5 to 10 percent of your furry friend’s daily caloric intake.) 


Training is of course crucial to teaching little Fido the do’s and don’ts of being a good boy. It’s also important for safety reasons. Take at least ten minutes a day to work with your canine friend. Start with the basics, such as Sit, Stay, Come, and Heel. Once your adorable student has those down, you can move on to advanced training … or, just have fun teaching your pet cute tricks. 


A lot of dogs’ mental and emotional growth happens within their first six months. This is when your four-legged pal will form his opinions about the world. Socialization is crucial at this stage. That entails exposing him to new places, faces, and stimuli. Making those experiences fun and positive will help your pooch grow into a polite, friendly adult. Doggy daycare, puppy playdates, and visiting friends and family members are a few options.


Dogs mature pretty quickly: although FIdo will only technically be a puppy for a year, he’ll still keep growing and maturing until he’s about two. This is really the time to establish that special bond we form with our pets. Spend some quality time with your canine buddy!

As your Ada, MI animal clinic, we love watching puppies grow from lovable balls of fur into happy, healthy adult dogs. Please contact us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.