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Fido’s Fitness Regimen

September 1, 2023

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! There are many different aspects of responsible dog ownership. Keeping your canine pal fit is a big one! A local Ada, MI vet offers some tips on this below.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Doggy workouts are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to find out what is and is not appropriate for your furry friend. A high-energy dog, such as a Border Collie, may need quite a bit of vigorous exercise every day, while a Chihuahua may be exhausted after a walk around the blook.

Fido’s activity needs will also change over the course of his life. Puppies are basically four-legged, furry balls of mischief. However, older dogs don’t have that stamina, and are better suited for slow walks than vigorous play sessions. Consult your vet on this.

How Do You Exercise A Dog Indoors?

Weather got you trapped indoors? Fido can still get a decent workout. If you have stairs, you may be able to get Fido to do stair runs. Go to the top step and toss a toy for your pooch to bring you. If he does, toss it again. A supervised walk on a treadmill is another option. (Note: remove your pup’s collar first.) You can even play Fetch indoors if you have room.

How Often Should I Exercise My Dog?

Fido should get some exercise every day. It’s best to be consistent. If your pooch only gets short walks during the week, a strenuous Saturday hike may be too much for him. That increases the risk of injuries, such as torn CCL’s. Ask your vet for advice.

Exercise Your Dog Without Walking

What if Fido has more energy than you do? If you aren’t able to manage long walks, you can still keep your pup active. Playing Fetch is a perfect option for this: your pet will do all the work while you stay still. If you have a fenced yard and your four-legged buddy loves playing Fetch, an automated ball launcher may be a good option. (Bonus: this is super cute to watch.) 

Exercising A Dog With Health Issues

If your canine companion has health problems, you’ll need to customize his workout schedule a bit. For instance, dogs with arthritis shouldn’t be encouraged to jump or stand. However, Fido will still need some form of activity. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Do you have questions about your dog’s exercise needs? Contact us, your Ada, MI pet hospital, today!