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National Puppy Day 

National Puppy Day is coming up on March 23rd! Fido is a wonderful pet and companion through all the stages of his life, but he’s definitely at his cutest during that charming puppyhood phase. That’s definitely something to celebrate! An…

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Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs 

As you may know, arthritis is one of the most common conditions that can affect our canine companions. As many as 80 percent of pups that are over the age of eight are afflicted. Arthritis doesn’t usually make a grand…

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Senior Cat Care: Playing With Fluffy 

Have you noticed that your feline pal isn’t as playful as she used to be? This is pretty much purr for the course with older cats. As Fluffy ages, she’ll slow down, and she’ll tire out more quickly than she…

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Doggy Dental Care

February is Pet Dental Health Month! This is a very important topic. Dental issues are quite prevalent in our canine buddies. This isn’t surprising: after all, Fido doesn’t just use his mouth for eating, drinking, and barking, but also for…

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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Have you ever wondered what’s going through your cat’s mind? It’s probably safe to say that Fluffy is wondering about some things. Kitties are known for being super curious, if not downright…

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Resolutions Inspired By Fido

Happy New Year! As we leave 2022 behind and move ahead into 2023, many people are focusing on the things they want to achieve in the new year. No matter what your goals are, your canine buddy will be loyally…

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