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Tabby cat rolling with a golden ball under a christmas tree

Fluffy’s Cutest Holiday Traditions

Season’s Greetings! This year’s holiday events and festivities have officially begun. Many of us are really looking forward to spending time with our loved ones, and enjoying beloved festivities and traditions. Of course, our feline buddies also have a few…

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Brownish cat with human hand giving him a neck rub

Signs That Your Cat Is Happy

Cats are quite complicated little animals. They can be very cuddly and affectionate, but can also act aloof or even anti-social at times. To make things even more complicated, Fluffy sometimes bites us for fun, and definitely has no qualms…

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Terrier wearing a lacy black tutu

9 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Are you considering bringing a new pup into your home? Those first few hours and days are going to be very critical. Here, an Ada, MI vet offers advice on forging that special friendship. Proper Homecoming Major changes can be…

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Brownish cat inside a cage with plasters on the body

Helping Fluffy Recover From Surgery

Is your feline pal having an operation soon? Whether Fluffy is coming in for a routine spay/neuter surgery, or undergoing a procedure to address a medical issue, it can be stressful knowing your beloved pet is going to be under…

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Grayish dog scratching its back

Allergies In Dogs

Did you know that our canine companions can develop allergies, just like people can? Allergies work the same way in pets as they do with us. In a nutshell, Fido’s immune system will decide it doesn’t like something, and will…

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